Human Design for Business

Management Through Human Design.

 “My Human Design Reading at first seemed very complicated. Even though some of the observations made some sense to me I wasn't sure just how to use the information. After sitting down with Burry, however, and having the opportunity to ask questions, it gave me an understanding of why I behave the way I do and how - through understanding the data, I will be able to capitalize on my strengths, understand my weaknesses and find people in my professional lifec to complete or at least complement my design.


As Chief Executive Officer of a Disability Support Service I will certainly use  Human Design Readings as a tool for recruiting not only management staff but also administration and support staff.


My new husband and I had individual Human Design readings and then we had a composite reading.  How delighted we were to find that we completed each other’s designs and to receive confirmation that together we would make a balanced and strong team.”


Annette, New South Wales

“My son of 21 was going through a difficult time in deciding what to do with his life and sticking to the things he tried. As a parent, I just wanted to help but felt somewhat helpless because he did not want to listen to my wisdom! After having his Human Design Reading done and explained, I felt I was in a much stronger position to be of assistance to him because I understood his human design. I have already put that new found information to use in our communications. In considering his definition I am able to impart advice and suggestions he would  previously have found to be confrontational and judgmental in such a way that he can accept and use the information .”


Maurice, New South Wales

“My Human Design reading was like looking in a mirror!  I think it was great… I love its analytical aspect and how accurate it is.  It reinforced perceptions I had of myself and also surfaced new “discoveries” I wasn’t fully aware of.”


D. De Silva, Virginia



" I had no idea what Human Design was about. But what I found from my chart with Burry helped me to understand and recognise more of the person I am. It was fascinating just how accurate it was!"


Gina, London, UK

“I want to extend my appreciation for the reading you gave last week.  It is really quite remarkable at the accuracy of human design.  And at a much deeper level than most.  It extends beyond, ‘you like math’ or ‘ you an be stubborn’ to more of how a person experiences the world and life.  So interesting.  I also really appreciate what you bring to it. You went through it all in a way that was very clear, empowering and affirming.  I appreciate that!  That is a talent.  I can see you really benefiting businesses and work teams.”


Meg, Maryland

"I had an amazing experience having my human design chart read by Burry. He explained everything clearly, and I gained a lot of insight into why I operate the way I do and what is important to me. I highly recommend having your chart read by Burry!"  


Karen, Los Angeles




“Since our meeting I have felt I have a stronger understanding of who I am and why I do what I do. The clarities about myself you presented has truly allowed me to stand more confident in who I am.”


Reisha, Los Angeles

“In the relatively short time since my Human Design reading I have had the opportunity to take in and synthesize most of the information you shared with me.  I continue to be amazed and in awe of your knowledge through Human Design of the person that I am; how extensive your information is AND how amazingly on target it continually turns out to be.  There were moments I wasn’t sure if you were describing me… then through the light of inspiration and memories I recognized how I managed to move through my life using those attributes.  I experienced a resonance with my core being which was a validation for me of the veracity of what I was hearing and experiencing.


I feel empowered, centered and focused in my purpose now more than ever before with a clearer knowledge about who I am, what shapes my life and, most importantly, a better understanding of the framework of my life.


I has been a truly enlightening experience to say the least.  There is still more to absorb, evaluate and continue to process.  I feel like a child on Christmas morning excited about all the gifts I have received.  The ‘gifts’ being the beautiful insights about myself that for so long I have only been able to see in negative terms, all the while a misunderstanding about the way I’ve interpreted my expressed method of moving though life, not how it has been purposefully unfolding.  I feel like I have been reborn.  I see everything through a new lens, bringing things into clearer focus so that from now on I will proceed through my  life in a more confident and self-assured way.


Life for me has been a constant search for answers for EVERYTHNG  with my mind “in gear” ALL of the time.  I’ve discovered.. That’s just a part of who I am and how I function.  I am now learning how to work with that in a more effective way.


My ‘aha moment’ was realizing that I need to allow the ‘imprint’ of my life that is my Human Design guide me in order to more fully experience all the abundance that life has to offer.


As I see it, the Human Design process which you guide people through is a truly life-changing tool where people, as I did, will come away having a clearer knowledge of ‘why we are the way we are” and utilize that information to move more confidently and purposefully through the rest of our lives.


With a profound sense of gratitude & heartfelt appreciation,”


Elaine,  Ottawa

“I booked in for my Human Design session after a trusted close friend told me about it.  She couldn’t quite explain it to me, but she said it was amazing and I had to experience it too.  So I did and I was blown away by the accuracy of my chart interpretation by Dr. Foss.


For over an hour via Skype he delved deep into my personality and traits as though he had known me forever!  I can’t quite explain it either  -  but I do know I feel as though I understand myself now more than I ever have before.  It was as though he gave me confirmation and a clear path forward in my career and personal life.  He shone a light on those deep feelings I had been smothering because I thought they were the negative parts of my personality.  His words gave me the permission to be me and to love myself completely.  It feels as though he has given me the piece of a puzzle that I have been missing.


I loved it so much I told my husband about it and then he had a session too!”


Ramona,  Melbourne

“Once in a lifetime something crosses your path that has the power to change your life for the better -  forever.


What value would you place on understanding your true purpose in life  -  the one intended for you when you were born?


The system of Human Design, interpreted according to my exact birth date and time by the brilliant Dr. Burry Foss has proven to be one of the greatest gifts ever bestowed on me.


To now have a deep understanding of my strengths and what it is I’m meant to be doing in this beautiful life has filled me with inspiration and motivation.  I only wish I had this done twenty years ago!


Thank you Dr. Foss for helping me know my self within ninety minutes more than I have in my whole life.  You are a gem!”


Joanne, Australia